The MultiSerter
The MultiSerter for multi lane extrusion lines. The inserter can be supplied with 2, 3 or 4 channels. The construction is modular, which enables the MultiSerter to be placed at any location near the extrusion line.
Capacity of feeding unit
Paddle shape sticks:
approx. 800 per minute
Regular sticks:
approx. 1000 per minute
Technical infomation
PLC:         Allen Bradley
Power:      230 Volts, 50-60 Hz -0,75 kW
                 110 Volts, 60Hz -0,75kW.
Air supply: 6 bar, app. 0,14 ltr/stroke/inserter
Type of sticks
Paddle shape:  72 to 113 mm.
Regular shape: 93 to 113/114 mm.
The inserter is made from stainless materials.
"We reserve the right to make changes in design, construction or technical specifications without notice"